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Contract assembly
electronics in Astana

Own production.
Two lines of automatic mounting.
Let's deliver finished products in any point of Kazakhstan.

Mounting плат
from 1 week

Contract assembly of turnkey electronics

Contract assembly turnkey electronics

from 3 days without a prototype

PCB production

Turnkey printed circuit boards

from 7 business days

Contract assembly of printed circuit boards

Contract assembly of turnkey printed circuit boards in Astana

from 1 business day

Turnkey Mounting

Integrated Mounting of Radio Electronic Products


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Our services for contract manufacturing electronics

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Turnkey Mounting
from 1 week
Application of inventory numbers
from 1 working day
PCB manufacturing
from 3 days without a prototype
Writing program code for products
from 5 working days
Finished product programming
from 1 working day
Urgent Mounting
from 3 days
Stencils for installing SMD elements
from 2 working days
Production of a product according to the technical specifications
from 5 working days
Procurement of components
from 2 weeks
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We carry out the following types of PCB Mounting
автоматический Mounting плат

PCB Surface Mounting is component mounting on the board surface by soldering the SMD component to contact area.

  • Ability to manufacture double-sided boards
  • The absence of the usual conclusions reduces their size and mass
  • The increase in the density of the layout due to the small size of the email. elements
  • Electrical improvements through layout
  • Facilitate repair of boards, it is easier to clean the flux from contact sites
  • The process is easy to automate
  • Reducing the cost of products in mass production
DA GROUP 22 - the best conditions for

automation of technological processes Mounting of products


two complete Mounting lines from SAMSUNG


we provide services in the field of Mounting and electronics production

Flexible Pricing

We individually calculate the cost, taking into account volumes, the complexity of the product and the features of the technical specifications

Fast deadlines

Terms of production and Mounting from 1 day. Every stage complies with IPC standard

We carry out a complex of works

We draw up product documentation, produce boards, apply inventory numbers, we select the optimal components


We carry out delivery of finished products throughout the territory countries during the week

LLP “DA GROUP 22” is a manufacturing company that dynamically developing in the field of microelectronics. With advanced technologies and equipment, we carry out high-quality surface and through PCB mounting
  • We manufacture Printed circuit boards and soldering stencils. pastes to order
  • We will provide full support at every stage of production until the moment obtaining the final product
  • The high performance of our equipment helps us deliver work on time
  • We confirm the presence of our own production in Astana, which allows you to make your orders efficiently and on time
  • Our company is engaged in professional UV printing on products made of different materials (plastic, fabric and others)
  • What our clients say
    I order from there all the time. Quickly and efficiently. Price matches the quality! With such terms and quality - simply not competitors. 👍 👍 👍

    — Roman M., 35 years old

    A serious player in the PCB manufacturing services market. I took the order in Astana, but there is delivery throughout Kazakhstan, quality board excellent! Made according to individual parameters, made without questions!

    — Alexander P., 28 years old

    The speed and quality of workmanship is top notch. Dispatched all over country. Good company, friendly staff, fast delivery serve. Great service. 👍

    — Ilya, 42 years old

    Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Abaya 13, ISKER, of.1309.
    Mon-Fri: 9:00-19:00
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